Heide Park in Germany

Heide Park in short

237 km from the Padborg border – approx. 2.5 hours drive

187 km from Puttgarden Ferry – approx. 2 hours drive

253 km from Warnemunde by the Rostock Ferry – approx. 2.5 hours drive


Heide Park theme park

Heide Park is Northern Germany’s largest theme park, located just 60 kilometers south of Hamburg – close to the A7 motorway. If you are heading south, Heide Park is ideal to visit on the road if you would like to experience some excitement on the way down through Germany.

With rides, shows and activities for the whole family, there is excitement all over the park – you can both test how much belly you can get at the wildest rides, get wet in the timber amusement. Heide Park is divided into 4 thematic areas. For example, you can visit the Indian climbing path where you can test your height limit and balancing skills on this unique attraction.

Protip:  If you have booked a day ticket one of the days when you can expect bustle in the theme park, then it might be a good idea to get such a cousin here. This little guy here can secure you a ticket in the front of the queue. It is true that when it comes to the various rides, there are two rows.

One row is the very ordinary queue. The second row is for those with this  Express Butler , which gives you 1 ticket per hour to get ahead in each of the rides. This means that if you are fast, you can get ahead of the queue for all the rides, as long as you are fresh on a little rotation. Express Butler comes in several versions, and costs between £ 150 and £ 300.

We were 10 men off last time, which makes it a better trip when you don’t have to stand in line waiting for each other.

(however, there is always room for a great many in the various rides, so we did not experience that we could not join the same tour in the different rides).

Slides in Heide Park

The average speed on the roller coasters in Heide Park is about 105 km / h. Therefore, the tiled stove has been laid for a wind-blowing ride. Heide Park is, as mentioned earlier, Northern Germany’s largest theme park. The park contains more than 60 rides and attractions, which will surely give you some fun and hoarse memories. In Denmark we can be proud that we have the older existing wooden roller coaster – Heide Park, on the other hand, has the world’s largest and steepest wooden roller coaster, Collossos.

Some will go so far as to say that Collossos is the main attraction at Heide Park – but the park as a whole has REALLY many super cool roller coasters, so we would rather not choose anyone over others as it simply can’t be done. If you are looking for speed and beautiful surroundings, where you can pretty much find food stalls wherever you go, Heide Park is definitely worth a visit.

Below you will still have the opportunity to see some of the rides in Heide Park.

Peppa Pig Land / Gurli Pig Land

Something new also happened in 2018. Heide Park launched their Peppa Pig Land, where all the little supporters of Gurli Gris can now be allowed to romp in fun rides for kids, trampolines, fun water rides and Gurli Gris’ house.

Food at Heide Park

All the times we have been to Heide Park, we have actually got exactly the kind of food that we have been wanting. The first time we went to the big buffet, where we got eaten and very well saturated in pomfries, fish fillets, sausages, salad and much more.

This time we had set out to find some fast food. That’s why we visited the burger restaurant, where we got a surprisingly good burger. The service was really good, even though some of our German speaking skills are not to a 12, so went well.

At least it turned out to be a good burger, and it also cost considerably less than what one often experiences a burger costs in the Danish theme parks. In addition, it didn’t take time for them to cook, so due to our sometimes tight schedule, it was the right lunch.

Get more out of your trip to Heide Park

Hamburg (about 50 minutes away)

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and Europe’s 8th largest city and definitely worth a visit. Hamburg is only an hour away from Heide Park and is definitely worth a visit. In Hamburg you will find a large number of parking houses close to the city center at reasonable prices, so you can park your car and take a walk in inner Hamburg. At the very center of the city, for example, you have the opportunity for a canal tour that sails at least once an hour during the day. Also nearby are Hamburg Zoo.

McArthur Designer Outlet in Neumünster (1.5 hours away)

Hamburg was obvious to mention in this context, but you should definitely do the service myself, to take a stroll past Neumünster, where you will find an entire city with only outlet – that is, very cheap clothes and even fashion clothes!

Many of us think that when someone uses the outlet in a sentence, it smells of an over-stuffed gym with dresses of too small or large sizes that the stores try to squeeze over our heads. You may well forget that thought, as it is not at all in the McArthur designer outlet in Neumünster.

In short, the McArthur designer outlet, an area full of about 125 stores selling their product, is up to 60-70% off. Among the brands include: Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Nike, Levis, Pillyvet, Le Creuset, Triumph and Michael Kors.

So whether you need something to do on a longer stay in the area around Heide Park, or if you are just heading down through Germany for a single day, you should pass by Neumünster.

However, take a few hours off, because there are really many shops and there is something for everyone in the car. So the hours can quickly run away from you.

Accommodation at Heide Park

Personally, I would rather sleep within walking distance to the park, as this way I will not have to rest with beer and any wine. There is a hotel just 400 meters from the park.

Only 20 minutes drive from Heide Park you will find Sündsee-Camp, which is a super cool camping area with a spectacular forest and direct access to a lake with beach. Sündsee-Camp offers a wealth of sports facilities – both in water and on land.

You might even be allowed to try riding through the surrounding countryside – seeing a forest from horseback is not too bad at all. There is also a subtropical pool where you can cool off if the lake doesn’t quite suit your taste (when we were visiting we would have to pay a small fee to get into the pool – which is of course perfectly OK).



I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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