About Theme Park Europe

Hello and welcome to my page about rides in countries like Denmark, Germany, England, France and Italy! It cannot be said enough how grateful I am that you have chosen to visit me / us here on the site. Amusement park.com eventually gets a lot of visitors and sometimes I also get an email with questions or just praise the page. Then again, thank you very much!

(Before we get started, I’d say you can get in touch with me at [email protected] )

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Purpose of Amusement Park.com

The sole purpose is to be your guide to finding the next place you need to go with your family or friends. I usually always get the information from friends and acquaintances, but now that technology allows, and we start searching information online rather than offline, it was obviously attractive to start Amusement Park.com.

If I can in any way help you on a fantastic trip to a land of amusement, then I have achieved our goal. Knowledge sharing is always one of the most wonderful things to do.

On some of the pages you may come across an affiliate link. Affiliate links are actually what pays for Amusement Park.com to be kept running – I get paid a small commission when you click on one of these affiliate links and then buy a product or service on the site that you have pressed on. It is important for me to emphasize that it is not going to have any impact on how much you pay for the product or service.

Shout out: As some of you might have noticed we’ve gotten a new design at the blog and lots of changes to the blog posts. This wouldn’t be possible without the help of Josh from EatLiftSleep whom have been a big help for me. So a large shout out to him and thank you for your help!

Get ready to buckle the harness

Then sit back and move around the page – if you haven’t had enough, I’d recommend you take a trip past YouTube, as many of the tours in the various rides have often been filmed for free viewing. Just remember to buckle the harness as some of the rides pull teeth out of even the most hardened amusement enthusiasts.

If there is anything on the site that you do not agree with, please feel free to throw and an email through our contact form. Do you know of an amusement park that is not on the list, then I would also like to hear from you 🙂

If you are more into German, you can visit the sister sites; Freizeitparkeuropa.de and Forlystelsespark.com.