Best Theme Park in Denmark 2017

Overall, Tivoli is the theme park that can expect the most visits this year (2017), and which the Danes have the best impression of. However, Tivoli and the other popular Danish theme parks face a number of challenges if they are to meet the Danes’ criteria for a good experience.

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6 out of 10 Danes are considering visiting one or more Danish theme parks this summer, and not surprisingly, families with children in particular are going to dominate the crowd of guests. Eight out of 10 toddler families are planning to make their way past an theme park.

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The distance to the theme park is one of the most important criteria when choosing theme parks, which is why the capital’s theme parks: Tivoli, Dyrehavsbakken and Copenhagen Zoo can expect the most visitors this summer. In Jutland, Legoland and Djurs Sommerland can expect the most guests.

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Local affiliation is also crucial to which theme parks we have the best impression of. The Northern Jews like the Fårup Summerland. The middle ages have the best impression of Djurs Sommerland, Southern Denmark prefers Legoland and Odense Zoo, while Tivoli is the most popular theme park in all of Zealand.

Tivoli Freedom ends up in third place when the mid-jews have to judge theme parks, and thus must be beaten by Djurs Sommerland and Legoland.

What gives the good experience in an theme park?

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However, the most popular theme parks have challenges in meeting the criteria that, according to the majority of Danes, are crucial to a good experience – at least on a hot summer day in high season. The Danes emphasize that the park is not packed with guests, that there is no long wait for the rides, and that the entrance and theme prices are low.

The families of children also emphasize good parking conditions, child-friendly conditions (playground, playground, loan of strollers etc.) as well as the opportunity to bring their own food.

About the study

The study is based on 1025 interviews with representative selected people aged 18+ from the YouGov panel during the period 22 – 24 May 2017.


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