Efteling – The largest theme park in Holland

Just like that, Efteling is measured in visitor numbers. But even in the European comparison, you do not have to hide the leisure park. Here you landed in the year 2018 in place and it is clear that you as a fan of roller coasters and theme parks do not actually come to a trip in the Netherlands.

Next to the size, the story is also impressive. The first leisure and recreation facility was built in 1935. After the Second World War, Efteling then started right and named today 31 May 1952 as the opening date. Damit looks back on more than 65 years of entertainment for people of all ages.

Because of its location, the leisure park is located near Walwijk and Tilburg as well as many visitors from Germany. A day trip can be undertaken smoothly from the rest area. In the region, you can also spend a few vacation days without suffering long distances.

Efteling – A leisure park for all seasons

I was very surprised to learn that Efteling is not a classic leisure park for the summer months. This is where the whole year of action is guaranteed. Because of seasonal issues, you will experience new adventures with each visit.
In the spring, people are thrilled by the flowering plant world. Therefore, Tulpe must not be missing as the national flower of the Netherlands. Besides, the breathtaking Reitershow Raveleijn was darted out.

In the summer, the Summer Festival and the Midsummer Festival are celebrated and the water attractions offer a cooling off.

In the fall, visitors should look forward to action-packed actions such as Halloween, which gives them the Aquanatura water show and the plants radiating in luminous autumn colors.

And even in cold winter, Efteling is waiting with special amusement. One can bet on sledging or skiing. It gives a New Year’s Eve celebration and winter joy.

It provides attractions and vehicles for the whole family

From the outset, it was clear that Efteling should focus equally on large and small visitors. Therefore, it is not surprising that it provides areas for grandchildren, for the whole family and of course for fans of speed and nervousness.

In the following, I might like to present these areas briefly, because I believe each one has a different focus.

The area for children in Efteling leisure park

Of course there is no need for a roundabout carousel, it even gives you a steam carousel. This certainly awakens some parents’ memories and childhood. It provides a train ride and a pirate carousel. Der Märchenwald leads to an exploration tour. Even as an adult I found it interesting.

The park occupants are standing ready for photo shoots and the children surely remain a long memory. Because of many different children’s carousels, the snakes in Borders stop. Eventually, the kids wait long for the next ride.

Adventure for the whole family

Here Efteling can make the right points. I have already visited many leisure parks, but rarely have I experienced so many attractions that both parents and children enjoy joy. These are, of course, counting the slow rides that lead through dream-like landmarks. On the Gondoletta boat ride, one can enjoy his feet for a little break while still enjoying the atmosphere of the leisure park.

If it should already be razor-sharp, offer the boiling pots or a wild water ride in Pirana.

Eftelting offers entertainment for speed fanatics and brave

The choice and backcountry in the Dutch leisure park can be a real sight. It gives, among other things, a Dive Coaster on behalf of Baron 1898, a water backbone (The Flying Dutchman) and Python as well as a steel backbone. If you still don’t have enough, you can even expand on a wooden stern or a ship swing.

If you count a theme park for courageous visitors, then a cursed villa and a spook lock will be recognized. The gruel is guaranteed.

Since the park is open all year and in bad weather, even in some vehicles have to be put out of business, they also enjoy the great indoor traffic.

Between the vehicles are waiting for many shows

Especially the children like to stand or watch the water show at the children’s artists. Various Liveshows were staged during the years of the year, which excited the whole family. Information for this is available on the Leisure Park website.

In the winter time, this will be better for the Geltung, because the darkness again creates a very special flair. A visit in the cold season is therefore worth a visit.

Is a man in Efteling well looked after?

This is always a very important point for me. Lastly, before the visit, one has to plan whether to buy food or drinks or bring them with you.

For this leisure park, I can at least make sure that everyone finds it. For lovers of sweet pies, it is typical Dutch puff pastries and pancakes. It also offers a vegetarian and vegan specialty restaurant.

Basically, you have to make the decision once again if you want to decide for a takeaway, to be able to say the fastest again at the attractions. If you prefer a relaxed atmosphere in a relaxed atmosphere, you simply choose a restaurant. The choice of food is large and affordable in both variants.











Kids-world is een grote webshop met kinderkleding, speelgoed en nog veel meer voor kinderen.

Should you spend just one day before the resort?

This question must be answered by yourself. I myself had a longer drive and was very happy to spend the night before visiting the leisure park and also spend the night in a hotel nearby. You can find a selection and hotel offers around Efteling here:


I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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