10 Best Theme Parks in Denmark

Museum visits and hikes in the Norwegian mountains are not the most intriguing, if you ask the children. Do you want to spoil your children and give them an experience for life? Then a trip to one of the Danish theme parks may be exactly what you are looking for.

Most children know Tivoli and Legoland – but there are many other super cool and entertaining Danish theme parks.

Theme parks are and will be something special. You can feel that no matter what theme park you are in, the owners and staff have put a lot of energy and love into making your day absolutely and utterly fantastic.

We’ve collected the Danish theme parks here – do you know about them all?

1. Legoland

© Legoland

Let the adventure begin as you enter Legoland. Here is the opportunity to stimulate the senses with speed, thrill, fighting spirit, or enjoy the park’s beautiful surroundings. Fun parenting has no age restriction, so bring the whole family and enjoy each other when action, speed and fun are put on the program in Legoland.

Move through the 3D universe and battle with Lego Ninjago. The arch enemy must be defeated and this can only be done if you learn to master fire, earth, lightning and ice before the battle begins.

Lots of fun for young and old alike

You can experience the great rush in your stomach on the way down the waterfall in the Vikings River Splash. There is plenty of water spray and a guarantee of feeling the adrenaline.

From Legotop you get the great overview of Legoland when you are raised to 36 meters in height. From here you can watch The Haunted House where the great thrill awaits you, the wild flight of the Flying Eagle, or this year’s new Battle of the Brick, the great launch match where the noble knights do acrobatic tricks as they battle for victory.

Legoland is a sure hit when the whole family needs to be guaranteed good entertainment. If the distance is large, you can book accommodation at one of the many themed hotels, so you stay in the middle of your imagination.


2. Tivoli

© Tivoli

Get the magical mood when Tivoli shows off his enchanting side, where the garden has captivated the audience since 1843, and even Hans Christian Andersen found inspiration for his adventure the Nightingale. The park contains many exciting stories, but also contains a sea of ​​amusements that can give you a blast under the wings, views of Copenhagen, amusement and fun.

The world’s oldest wooden roller coaster

Explore the park and enjoy a sensory experience in the orangery, the mysticism of the East in the Chinese-inspired bamboo forest, or the adventure in the Rasmus Klump world. The park houses one of the world’s oldest wooden roller coasters, and is among the only 7 lanes in the world to have a brake m / k on each train.

Tivoli is filled with rides, eateries, gardens and scenes for concerts or Friday rock. You will always meet the park to suit the season as it is adapted to summer, halloween, christmas, winter and easter so you are guaranteed new exciting experiences on your visits. Tivoli takes pride in making your visit something special, making it a magical place in the center of Copenhagen, where the experiences are queued to impress you as a guest.


3. Bakken

© Bakken

Whether you are big or small, there is a guarantee of fun experiences at Bakken. Here are 32 amusement rides, which is the largest number in an theme park in Denmark. With free admission, you only need to buy tour ribbons or tickets to the park’s rides if you must try these. This allows you to shape your trip into a unique experience where can also visit the arcades, watch concerts or enjoy a nice dinner at one of the many restaurants.

Experience the amazing Bakkesingerin, or let the laughing muscles move as this year’s Circus Revy runs. The circus revue is Denmark’s largest and most fun revue, ensuring an unforgettable evening.

Live into Matador time

With a total staging of Korsbaek city, you can enter the Matador series, which is a unique classic by the author Lise Nørgaard. With buildings, facades, interiors, decorations and props from the popular series, you can experience what Denmark was like in the 1920s-1930s, and experience the role while eating at one of the popular eateries of the series.

The hill is the oldest theme park in the world and contains everything from wild rides, to nice and kid-friendly rides. Therefore, all ages are sure to have a fun day with a high mood and good mood.


4. Lalandia

© Lalandia

Find your inner child and swing around Lalandia’s super fun Money Tonky Land, or enjoy the large tropical water park with plenty of pools and slides for all ages. In Aquadome you will find Turbo Racer as the News of the Year. Here, there is a guarantee of high speed in the stomach when you release the grip and feel a free fall in the water slide. When you need more quiet activities, you can also ride the waves in the wave pool, or relax in the hot tub.

Lanadia’s Holiday Center

Lalandia’s holiday centers are a unique world filled with fun activities and entertainment. For example, you can explore your talent on the ski slope, in the skating rink, with mini golf, bowling or on the climbing wall. When hungry, the resort’s many restaurants are ready to offer you a varied selection of food and drink. Book possibly. a cottage in Lalandia and let the holiday begin.

You will find both Lalandia in Billund and Rødby, and therefore have the opportunity to choose where you create your enchanting Lalandia memories.


5. Fårup Sommerland

© Fårup Sommerland

You get the big smile when you experience Fårup summerland’s many rides. Here you will find over 60 rides that can give you wind in your hair, wild wines or lots of water jams.

Amusements for both children and adults

Try one of the wild water slides in the Aquapark, where there is high speed and lots of excitement. The water cannon with free fall and two loops, as well as the 42 meter long Waterfall which is ready to challenge the daredevils. The Aquapark has rides for all ages, so bring the whole family and have fun together.

Fårup summerland has put together a large number of events and family concerts. So take your friends or family under your arm, and get good entertainment when Joe Moe, Ruben Søltoft and Mr. Bearded guests park throughout the summer.


6. Djurs Sommerland

© Djurs Sommerland

A day of fun, togetherness and fun experiences await you as you enter the largest summer country in the Nordic region, namely Djurs Sommerland. With over 60 rides spread across the park’s many theme countries, you are guaranteed fun for many hours.

Denmark’s longest roller coaster

Try The jewel’s cool ATVs at 85 km / h on Denmark’s longest roller coaster, or take in the Pirate and experience Denmark’s largest roller coaster at 755 meters.

If you are a real water dog, the big water park will be a paradise for you. Here you can ride on 12-meter high waves, float with the stream or get full speed on one of the many water slides. After a day of fun, you will understand why Djurs Sommerland has been voted the best summer country in the Nordic region for the 4th consecutive year.


7. Tivoli Friheden

© Tivoli Friheden

In the heart of Aarhus, the experiences of horror, laughter and coziness are combined in Tivoli Friheden. The park contains over 40 rides, 4 roller coasters and several nice areas.

If you want action and have nerves of steel, you can experience Denmark’s highest free fall in the heartthrob amusement, or head down 70 km / h in the Cobra. If you prefer more quiet activities, you can visit the Ferris Wheel and enjoy the view of the park.

Classic entertainment experience combined with modern energy solutions

Visit the Green Square and explore the game as sustainable elements present the classic amusement experience combined with modern energy solutions. Here you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the play, and get together in beautiful surroundings.

Take your friends to nerve-wracking challenges, Fed Friday concerts, or have a nice family trip with activities at all children’s heights, where Pjerrot, Mrs. Seeds, and Mr. Rabbit will enjoy you.


8. Jesperhus

© Jesperhus

Jesperhus has always been referred to as Jesperhus Flower Park in our home, yet Jesperhus is far from just a flower park, since the majority of guests are families with children who come to try out rides and be entertained in pleasant surroundings.

Jesperhus offers many different activities and it is therefore easy to feel entertained. Experience indoor mini-zoo, pirate country, parrot school, hugoland, 4D cinema and shows with jungle animal Hugo and friends.

8 ha. beautiful flower park

The beautiful flower park is 8 ha. great, where the bright colors of the flowers, the lovely scents and the sound of rippling water make you relax completely. The many thousands of flowers, perennials, cacti and succulents give you a beautiful walk in a pleasant atmosphere.

Jesperhus Holiday Center is located 500 meters from the Park and is a true holiday paradise for families with children. big water park, the new Zik and Zaks Abeland, good night shows, bowling, fishing lake and many more.

Book your accommodation in the nearby Jesperhus Holiday Center and have a perfect holiday with your family.


9. Sommerland Sjælland

© Sommerland Sjælland

If the trip is to be at a child’s height, Sommerland Sjælland is a sure hit. With a wealth of activities and rides, the family has the opportunity to enjoy being in various shadows.

Zealand’s largest water park and lots of rides

The summer country includes roller coasters, raft expedition in the Amazon jungle, 3D cinema, gold digging and go-karting. The Blue Lagoon is Zealand’s largest water park, and contains everything from nice children’s pools to the water slides.

In 14 min. the Wild West park train can take you around so the little ones can rest their legs a bit and still see what opportunities the park has.

Visit one of the many restaurants, cafés and kiosks, or bring your own picnic basket. The summer country is surrounded by beautiful flowers that you can enjoy when consuming food.


10. BonBon Land

© BonBon-Land

There is full speed when you get into the Svend Swingarm, the Wild boar or the Cobra tower. The adrenaline is flowing, and you feel the rush in your stomach when the rides start, and you can confidently tell your friends about the wildest trips.

Denmark’s first VR experience in a roller coaster

Wear the VR glasses and visit the Secret World, under the BonBon Land Lake. Denmark’s first VR experience in a roller coaster, gives you a fun interactive experience where a few special surprises are planned for you.

There is fun and trouble on the program once you have entered the candy universe, whether you visit one of the many amusements, events or eateries. So pack the bag and get ready for a great experience.



I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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