Top 4 – Best Theme Parks in Spain

If you are in Spain and lack an activity that will please the whole family, a trip to one of the country’s cool theme parks is a great idea! At any rate, we have had great pleasure in visiting the various theme parks.

For us, a walk in an theme park is not just about the rides, but a combination of the park’s decoration, the division of so-called theme areas, the friendliness of the staff towards us and not least the children and all the gastronomic. After trying a large selection of the theme parks in Spain, we have selected the five parks that we think are the best.

Before embarking on the list, we would like to emphasize that almost all the theme parks in Spain are family-friendly. The sizes of the parks vary, but similar to all of them (almost) they are also areas with a water park. Therefore, if the sun rays in a cloudless sky, it is often possible to cool off in the bathing area.

Let’s get started.

4. © Tibidabo in Barcelona, ​​Spain

© Tibidabo

© Tibidabo is Barcelona’s impressive theme park with more than 100 years in the back. The theme park is filled with nostalgic rides, ranging from quiet rides to the more action-packed rides. So no matter how much speed you each want during a day at an theme park, there will be something for everyone.

The ticket gives you access to all the rides, so there is nothing to pay DKK 30 to make a rally. © Tibidabo was created in 1889 and © Tibidabo has always been known for its attractions to let Barcelona view from above. Many of the rides take you up in the clouds (exaggeration promotes understanding), so at least you come up high so you can be allowed to view Barcelona from a bird’s-eye view.

Since the number of wild rides is not so high, we choose to say that © Tibidabo most of all, caters to children and families with children.


3. © Illa Fantasia in Barcelona, ​​Spain

© Illa Fantasia

© Illa Fantasia in Barcelona is one of Spain’s most popular theme parks and water parks. If you would like to invite your family on a tour of a water park with more than 22 action-packed rides, then © Illa Fantasia in Barcelona is the place. If the action-packed rides get a little too long, you can relax in the quieter areas or simply take one of the less wild rides.

In the water park you will find a large selection of restaurants and green areas where you can have your lunch.


Free bus to © Illa Fantasia

© Illa Fantasia has made it possible to take a free bus from central Barcelona to the water park. So if you are staying in Barcelona, ​​and if you are missing something on a hot sunny day, then © Illa Fantasia is just for you. How and how to book a seat by bus you should check when you book your ticket online. The times change as the season changes. From what we can read about, there are departures from Barcelona 09.00, 10.00 and 11.00 and the buses that return will run at 16.30, 17.30 and 18.30.

2. © Siam Park in Adeje, Spain

© Siam Park

© Siam Park is simply a must in Spain. The palm-surrounding water parks are simply stunning. In © Siam Park you will find roller coasters such as Mekong Rapids where you, or with a friend, put yourself in a rubber boat and then you will otherwise be sent off in the roller coaster. Just like in the © Costa Caribe, you also have the opportunity to challenge the friends or family of the Nega Racer where 6 people struggle to get down first on the other end on a rubber mat. The areas in © Siam Park are worth a visit in themselves. The decoration of the restaurants combined with the palm trees and flowers makes the area really idyllic. Last but not least, the Mai Thai River should be mentioned as the amusement is a great way to relax with friends and family.

Inside the © Siam Park website you have the opportunity to view the entire theme park from a helicopter perspective as well as zoom in on the amusements, restaurants and areas that you would like to take a closer look at.


1. © Port Aventura World i Salou, Spanien

© Port Aventura World

© Port Aventura World is Spain’s bid for a wild theme park. The theme park is located in Salou on the Costa Dorada, which is approx. 1 hour drive from barcelona. © Port Aventura World, like © Europa-Park and © Heide Park, has some of Europe’s wildest roller coasters. © Port Aventura World invites you to a really nice day, in areas with different themes such as Counting Mexico, Polynesia, China, the Mediterranean and the Wild West. In the theme park you also have the opportunity to watch various shows such as I Love Can Can, Bang Bang West, Horror in Texas, Chinese-inspired Dance Revolution, SésamoAventura’s Time Machine in Best Sesame Street and more. You can also experience 4D in their exciting and chilling-evoking Dino Escape 4D Experience.

Caribbean Coast – Port Aventura

Part of © Port Aventura is called Costa Caribe which also guarantees many great experiences. The Costa Caribe is the water park where you will find Europe’s highest free-fall roller coaster, King Khajuna, which is 31 meters high and has a slope of 55 degrees. This makes for a ride in an amusement where you really get to feel what it is like to slip at more than 6 meters per second. If you are not so much for free fall rides, then the popular Rapid Race, where you can fight with 5 others, get down first at the end of the track. You have to say that there is speed across the field no matter what you choose to venture into.

If the speed is not what you come for, then you can also take a leisurely stroll down The Mad River. It is also possible to take a ‘relaxing’ on Bahama Beach for children to play on the pirate ship: Pirate Ship. The restaurants in Costa Caribe all offer something different, so there will be something for everyone.

There is thus something for all kinds of audience, both completely quiet water rides to slightly wilder rides where you can experience high speed and roundness.



I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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