Canada’s Wonderland – Theme Park and Waterpark in America

There are more than 400 theme parks in North America, so it may be difficult to figure out which of the many to visit. My suggestion, however, is that you should look at Canada’s Wonderland, which is a real family park, with a large fanbase and many returning guests.

Fun facts:

  • More than 120,000 hot dogs and 130,000 pizzas are sold per year
  • The park has close to 6,000 trees and 75,000 bushes
  • The car park has space for no less than 10,300 parking cars (the parking area is 3,000,000 m2 in size)
  • As of this writing, Canada’s Wonderland has a total of 857,277 followers on Facebook!
  • Last but not least, more than 500,000 toys are found around the park
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A little about Canada’s Wonderland

Located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada’s Wonderland is a huge 300+ acre theme park with more than 200 attractions, 17 of which are landmark roller coasters. You may be familiar with their popular Splash Works, which is a 20-acre water park.

Canada’s Wonderland is run by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (NYSE: FUN), which is a publicly traded partnership and is one of the largest regional theme park operators in the world.

The theme park is divided into several different theme areas which include Action Zone, KidZville, White Water Canyon, International Street, Splash Works, Medieval Faire, L9 Celebration Plaza, Planet Snoopy and International Festival.

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If it is one of the warmer days, I would definitely recommend you to bring your swimwear and visit Spalsh Works. It’s a good idea to arrive early, as it may well get a little crowded up during the day. However, it must be said that you find the largest wave pool in the country , so you will not find a larger pool.

Remember, if you are from a family who loves fishing you should consider trying the ponds around Canada’s Wonderland. If you are interested in staying in the wild consider a hammock underquilt as it is lots of fun for the whole family.

11 theme parks, three water parks and four hotels

At the time of writing, they operate 11 amusement parks around the world, as well as two outdoor water parks, one indoor water park and four hotels.


© Canada’s Wonderland

It is possible to spend the night at:

  • Carowinds
  • Cedar Point
  • Kings Dominion
  • Knott’s
  • World of Fun / Oceans of Fun

Amusements in Canada’s Wonderland

If you want to make sure that you visit a park where you can be entertained by various attractions and rides, then Canada’s Wonderland is definitely worth the consideration.

With more than 200 attractions and amusements, there is plenty to see (maybe you should spend more than a single day).

Below is a short video of Yukon Striker.

Yukon Striker is launched in collaboration with SickKids, where in conjunction with the collection for SickKids, you get a free entrance ticket, for every $ 100 you collect ifm. a competition where 72 people win a seat on the first trip the Yukon Striker goes on.

That in itself I think is really big. It is mega fat then that an amusement park does something to collect, and may even spice it up a bit by paying tribute to the people who make an effort to raise money for SickKids.

“We are running the largest fundraiser campaign in the Candinadian health sector ever, and we are grateful that Canada’s Wonderland and their supporters are doing so much to help us reach our ambitious goals,” said James Powell, director, Cause Marketing, SickKids Foundation.

“We will be able to use the money raised at SickKids to continue to fund the fight against the biggest health challenges in children.”

The food in Canada’s Wonderland

As always, we’re also looking at the possibilities of food in Canada’s Wonderland. All in all, I would say that there is something for everyone.

Big as small.

You can also find various deals on their website, such as “All Day Dining” (set at $ 31.99) or a “Single Meal Deal” (set at $ 14.99) . Which I definitely don’t think is expensive.

If you are allergic, do not fear that you will not eat anything. Canada’s Wonderland addresses the need for gluten-free and lactose-free foods, etc., so you can safely leave your lunch pack at home.

You can find all their allergy-friendly options right here:

You can also read much more about the park within their website. I believe you guys should have a great trip.

Thanks for reading – I really appreciate that!


I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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