Flamingo Land Resort

Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire is an ideal destination for those looking for a family park to spend the day in. At Flamingo Land Resort you will find, among other things, a zoo, which is open daily, as well as a park with as many as 35 amusements for children and adults.

The theme park itself opens in April, so at that time there is again plenty to indulge in Flamingo Land.

One of the UK’s most visited zoos

Flamingo Land is one of the UK’s most visited zoos. With 140 species of reptiles, mammals and birds you can enjoy a day in the company of an exemplary range of exciting animals from across the animal kingdom. During the day it is possible to come

During the day, the animal passers give presentations on the different species – where, when and what species are talked about, varies during the day. Last time I looked, they had lemurs, hippos, baboons, tigers, and penguins on the list.

Amusements in Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire

If you are looking for a real rush, there is a sensational collection of rides in Flamingo Land. There are amusements for both children and adults among the 35 kinds distributed among 16 family amusements, 11 amusement rides and 8 of the slightly more extreme amusements.

Of the slightly wilder amusements, I would especially like to highlight the Hero, who gets the smile on most guests as they whirl through the air.

The wild rides:

  • Cliff Hanger
  • Flip Flop
  • Hero
  • Kumali
  • Mumbo Jumbo
  • Navigator
  • Pterodactyl
  • Velocity

In addition, there is a good selection of children’s and family rides. You can visit Dino-Stone Park, where all the activities have a dinosaur theme. Get yourself a real swing 45 meters up in the air with Pterodactyl, take a nice turn on the family track, Twistosaurus or maybe a pedal ride in the Cyclosaur amusement.

Furthermore, you can also see animated dinosaurs, see realistic dinosaurs (they were really big!) And look for dinosaur bones in Dino Dig sand.

The remaining rides suitable for children and families:

  • Race Ball
  • Crazy Combat
  • Cyclosaur
  • Dino-Stone Park
  • Flamingo 1
  • Gallopers
  • Lost River Ride
  • Muddy Duck Tractor Ride
  • Pirates of Zanzibar
  • Riverside 1
  • Rotataur
  • Splash Battle
  • The of Mischief
  • Twistosaurus
  • Voodoo
  • Zooom
  • Children’s Planet
  • Frog Hopper
  • Helitoys
  • HMS Bouncy
  • Junior Carousels
  • Junior Coasters
  • Junior Roundabouts
  • Peter Rabbit Adventure
  • Splish splosh
  • Vortex

The younger kids will love to meet Peter Rabbit (Peter Rabbit in English) in Flamingo Land – and he has a special adventure playground worth exploring. You can also visit the secret tree house and hop along to Jeremy Fisher’s musical pond to explore the gigantic instruments, learn about the huge lily pads.

Fans of all ages will love exploring Lily Bobtail’s Nature Discovery, where you can crawl through tunnels and find creepy creatures in Bug Log.

If you would like more details than you got here, you can find many more as well as fares on Flamingo Land’s website: www.flamingoland.co.uk

Flamingo Land Resort – Adresse

North Yorkshire
YO17 6UX


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