HANSA-PARK in Germany

© HANSA-PARK – how far down in Germany?

156 km from the Padborg border – approx. 1.5 hours drive

65 km from Puttgarden Ferry – approx. 45 minutes drive

163 km from Warnemunde by the Rostock Ferry – approx. 1.5 hours drive

© HANSA-PARK is popularly called the  family park by the sea , as the amusement park is the only German amusement park located by the sea. More than 1,000,000 visitors come every year to try out several of © HANSA-PARK’s award-winning rides.

If you would like to try something other than the Danish theme parks, © HANSA-PARK is the closest theme park outside the Danish borders. This is why © HANSA-PARK is a great alternative to other major theme parks and holiday centers.

If you are planning to spend a weekend at HANSA-PARK, guests will leave the hotel right next to the full 9.2 / 10 rating (last I checked).


Let’s take a closer look at what © HANSA-PARK is for a size.


© HANSA-PARK theme park

With well-kept flowers in carefully selected theme areas, © HANSA-PARK delivers idyllic surroundings that make you forget that you are in Northern Germany. © HANSA-PARK is only 45 minutes from Puttgarden, so there are only bad excuses if the family should not be able to spend 45 minutes by car for a lot of fun for the whole family.


Among the theme areas you will find the subjects Bonanza-city, Wonderland, Nervepirring, Vikingeland, Water fun and a super children’s area.

For small children


There is also exciting fun waiting for the little ones. The little ones can move into the play area, the Tahiti Trail. They can also start a water war in the water playground, Roanoko. If the children can compete a little, they can be allowed to challenge each other in the ball game Hanse bowl, where it is about hitting the ball in the barrel. The radio cars for the little ones are also always a success.

In © HANSA-PARK’s children’s area you will also find children’s makeup, large staggered ladders, as well as ball and bounce houses. Also worth mentioning is that in 2016 HANSA-PARK was awarded 3rd in the category ‘Europe’s best family rides’. In the same year, © HANSA-PARK received 4th place in the category ‘Europe’s best family parks’. This was evident in a questionnaire where more than 350 theme parks have been assessed.

Children under 4 years of age come in for free.

For the adults

For the adults, there is a huge amusement area that is really worth the 45 minute drive. The theme park has been open since 1977 and several of the theme parks have received awards since then. The roller coaster The Midgard worm is sure to give you a tummy, and if you want more, the nerve-wracking Nessie is ready to give you a walk around in its loop. If there is no consensus on who screams the least, then © HANSA-PARK is the perfect place to go.

If you need a break from the wild roller coasters, you can relax in the picnic and chill-out areas with stairwells, picnic areas, terraces and green spaces.


If you are hungry, the family restaurant, Weltumsegler, can definitely be recommended. Of sweet cases you can order a delicious waffle from Elin’s Waffle Iron or some freshly made roasted almonds. While I remember, I would like to take a hit for you to pass the Créperie where they sell the most delicious Crépes. You don’t have to buy one each, just buy one for sharing and choose just the fill you want.


If there is a competition person in you, the Kentucky Derby will certainly be able to relieve some of your hunger while the horses compete to get over the finish line first.

Prices at © HANSA-PARK – Last updated – 2019

(Please note that prices are sometimes adjusted, which is why you can best find the daily price of a ticket, on the Hansa-Park website)

Children under the age of 4, wheelchair users with a disability and disabled persons in the “BI” category come in free of charge.

Children aged 4-14 come in for € 29.50.

People aged 15-59 come in for € 39.

If you are +60 you are lucky to get in for € 29.50, where there are even 1 piece. cake included in the price.

Guests with a disability card “H” come in for € 19.00. The 1: 1 disability helper must pay € 29.50 for the ticket.

Guests with a disability are advised to visit Hansa Park prior to the visit.

Parking: The  parking area is large and costs € 4 for a full day parking of a car. If you bring your caravan, it costs € 6 per night. 24 hours. Motorcycles and buses park for free.

Other activities besides food and entertainment

If you have been up and trying out all the rides, then we clearly recommend that you take the time to go for a walk in the Hansa Garden. In the Hansa garden you also have the opportunity to see the park from above, in the 100 meter high Holstein tower. In the Hansa Garden you also have the opportunity to take a trip with the Hansa Park Express while enjoying a cold ice cream.

Accommodation at © HANSA-PARK

If you want to stay close to the rides, you have the opportunity to sleep in one of the many holiday homes nearby. Prices for living in the holiday homes vary widely, but when I was around to look at the selection, I typically found them at prices between € 60-110.



If you just want to visit the theme park for a single day, consider staying at one of the nearby hotels.

Get more out of your trip to HANSA-PARK

Hamburg (1 hour away)

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and Europe’s 8th largest city and definitely worth a visit. Hamburg is only an hour away from HANSA-PARK and is definitely worth a visit. In Hamburg you will find a large number of parking houses close to the city center at reasonable prices, so you can park your car and take a walk in inner Hamburg. At the very center of the city, for example, you have the opportunity for a canal tour that sails at least once an hour during the day. Also nearby are Hamburg Zoo.

McArthur Designer Outlet in Neumünster (1 hour away)

Hamburg was obvious to mention in this context, but you should definitely do the service myself, to take a stroll past Neumünster, where you will find an entire city with only outlet – that is, very cheap clothes and even fashion clothes!

Many of us think that when someone uses the outlet in a sentence, it smells of an over-stuffed gym with dresses of too small or large sizes that the stores try to squeeze over our heads. You may well forget that thought, as it is not at all in the McArthur designer outlet in Neumünster.

In short, the McArthur designer outlet, an area full of about 125 stores selling their product, is up to 60-70% off. Among the brands include: Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Nike, Levis, Pillyvet, Le Creuset, Triumph and Michael Kors.

So whether you need something to do on a longer stay in the area around HANSA-PARK, or if you are just heading down through Germany for a single day, you should pass by Neumünster.

However, take a few hours off, because there are really many shops and there is something for everyone in the car. So the hours can quickly run away from you.

Directions to HANSA-PARK

It has gradually become so easy to find your way. Instead of reading the route on this page, you can quickly get accurate directions to HANSA-PARK. Watch it here .



I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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