LEGO House in Billund – Denmark

Finally, it was our turn to visit LEGO House – our visit lasted 5 hours, and had it not been our other plans that day, we would have easily been able to spend 2 more hours building and playing.

The story

LEGO House opened back in September 2017, and since then I have been particularly interested in visiting the new delicious experience house in Billund.

(If you are already interested in spending a day at LEGO House, the address is: Ole Kirks Plads 1, 7190 Billund)

Funfact: Bjarke Ingels Group has founded LEGO House.

(Before we start, I would say that I failed to show the entire LEGO House in the form of pictures, as I feel that one must experience LEGO House without having seen it all)

The overall experience of LEGO House

Cool cool cool!

This is the feeling we had after our visit – even here, many weekends after we visited LEGO House.

You wanted to be a child again – and that was certainly what we spent the day on, namely playing as we were children again.

LEGO House speaks to children of all ages, and it’s easy to think back to the time you spent evenings, evenings and weekends playing with LEGO.

This was also evident when stopping by and watching the rest of the guests – everyone was having fun, both young and old.

Great and imaginative setting


The building itself is incredibly completed, and if you have already had some form of contact with the popular LEGO bricks, then you can certainly imagine how many details were to be found everywhere inside.

The entrance area is large and spacious, and in some places there were also hidden treasures (at least in my eyes).

Did you see the amazing movie from 2013, where LEGO in a very exciting way conveyed their story in the form of an animated film.

The film can be seen here:

LEGO House consists of several floors, which can be accessed via elevators or the large staircase in the middle of the building. I would at all times recommend people to choose the stairs rather than the elevator (if possible) as the stairs embrace the large tree on the ground floor, which is built of no less than 6,316,611 LEGO bricks – it is absolutely crazy!


LEGO House in Billund Denmark

Nice acoustics

Although there were many children during our visit, none of us experienced any difficulty in hearing each other or getting “peace of play”. That was one of the things I was very excited about, because who doesn’t play loudly when the play takes place with LEGO?

Another thing is that the hallway and stairs were quite wide, which is positive compared to the days when many tourists take a stroll to LEGO House.

© LEGO House

Welcoming staff

Can you but smile when you have been to a place where the staff has been smiling, welcoming and meticulous?

That’s how we feel at least after our visit. The receptionists were smiling, a guy stood by the big LEGO tree and was ready to tell us about the tree, the details and its history.

© LEGO House

The same goes for the staff in the restaurant who were just as they should be. Personally, I don’t care much for the staff being overbearing, and I hardly noticed anything about them unless I needed to talk to them.

Delicious LEGO food

We dined at the MINI CHEF family restaurant, where we were welcomed for a different and fun dining experience.

The ordering process becomes the big winner here, as it’s easy to imagine how kids of all ages would love to order food from their private LEGO chef.

LEGO House in Billund Denmark

(it is all done using some LEGO bricks, each of which symbolizes one of the different dishes.

LEGO House in Billund Denmark

Delicious food

The food was surprisingly delicious, and considering the price, we think it is appropriate. Especially because it was a really good experience both on the entertainment and gastronomic level.

If they are really busy in the restaurant, it is possible to get a buzzer, so that you are called to the restaurant when they have available seats for you.

Activities in LEGO House

Where should I start?

There are REALLY many cool things to play with. If you are very imaginative of mind, LEGO House is the right place to go, because there are indeed many imaginative creations everywhere – including those you can take part in.

LEGO House in Billund Denmark

I remember back to my young years when my dad took me to LEGOLAND to program our own LEGO robot for a robot duel against the rest of the participants. That is why it warms my heart that in LEGO House, they have done an activity where using a robot is to help the Lego people thaw mammoths and help them back to the rescue ship.

LEGO House in Billund Denmark

Movie director – who me?

If a movie director hides in the stomach, it is also possible to direct his very own LEGO movie, where you can make a short LEGO movie with many small clips.

Creativity would take no end and our film became almost a masterpiece (according to ourselves).

Overnight at LEGO House

Coming from far and away and would like to stay near LEGO House, this is no problem. There are plenty of different accommodation options in Billund where LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference might be an option?

You can read more about the accommodation options at


I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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