LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel is Now Open

On Friday, March 29, 2019, the LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel in Billund opened with 142 adventurous rooms, and the opening of the LEGO® themed hotel offered a large party fireworks.

There were big smiles on the lips of the children and adults who were among the very first to spend the night at the brand new LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel. The new hotel, themed like a real LEGO® castle, opened with a burst of party fireworks before the first guests were allowed into the new rooms.

– It is absolutely amazing that we have finally opened our new hotel. We were really looking forward to welcoming the first guests today, and then it was just really nice to see the children’s reactions as they arrived at the hotel and explored a castle full of adventure atmosphere and LEGO magic, said Christian Woller , Director of LEGOLAND.

LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel

Knights on horseback and big party fireworks

Before the expectant guests could discover the new hotel, there was a dragon, real knights on horseback and a princess in play to open the castle so that it could all be celebrated with a big party fireworks.

– It’s a really big day in LEGOLAND. Today, when we can open the doors to our brand new hotel, it is the culmination of four years of intensive work, and of course it has to be celebrated with a bang of an opening party, and it must be said that we have been stacked on our feet here in evening, said Christian Woller.

In addition to the lucky guests who were to spend the night at the castle for the very first time, many interested people from the local area also met to experience the opening of the new castle in Billund.

There are great expectations for the new Castle Hotel

The new Castle Hotel is LEGOLAND Billund’s largest investment to date of DKK 200 million. With 142 new rooms, LEGOLAND comes up with 365 LEGO themed hotel rooms.

– We have very high expectations for our new hotel. It is an extraordinary building, and I would go so far as to say that it is Denmark’s most completed hotel for families with children, Christian Woller concludes.

Saturday morning at. At 10.00, LEGOLAND will also open the door to a new season, which, in addition to the new hotel, offers an exciting knight show – Battle of the Brick, which can be experienced from 4 May to 17 August.

Press release from LEGOLAND


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