Phantasialand Theme Park in Germany

© Phantasialand – how far down in Germany?

607 km from the Padborg border – approx. 5.5 hours drive

597 km from Puttgarden Ferry – approx. 5.5 hours drive

635 km from Warnemunde by the Rostock Ferry – approx. 5.75 hours drive

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© Phantasialand theme park

Phantasialand is Germany’s second most visited theme park with more than 2 million visitors a year. One of the reasons is that Phantasialand is also open during certain periods of winter. The theme park was opened back in 1967 and the location is in an old mine, which has provided really good opportunities to get to and from the theme park as well as parking.

Like several of the other German theme parks, Phantasialand is divided into several different theme areas: Fantasy, Mexico, Chinatown, Mysteryl, Africa and Berlin in the 1920s.

The park itself is divided by a huge street, where on one side you find a child-friendly area, a fantasy land, where the imagination is free to take the children with you for a walk. On the other hand, in the rides in the areas of Africa, Mexico and Chinatown.

© Phantasialand


Slides in © Phantasialand

If you are looking for excitement and a tummy in the stomach, then you will follow you more than spoiled in Phantasialand. The rides are action packed and fun at the same time.

Taron is definitely worth a trip too. Super cool roller coasters where you really get up to speed in beautiful surroundings.

For small children

Hand on heart, Phantasialand is truly a great theme park for kids. Most rides are suitable for children (some of them in the company of an adult). The theme areas are in themselves a fantastic experience for the little ones, which is spiced up with obvious characters walking around and entertaining the park’s guests between the rides in the rides and the food stalls.

Phantasialand even states that in the theme park, the children are kings and they must be treated accordingly. Amusements such as the merry parrot, the clouds’ airpost and Die Fröhliche Bienchenjagt where in an amusement shaped like a frog, the bees chase around the amusement.

© Phantasialand

For the adults

Where do we almost start. There are so many great rides to go by. In the fantasy area, Winja’s Fear & Force is definitely recommended. Another clear recommendation is Mouse Assault, where while driving the amusement, try to score points by shooting 3D mice around the track. Super entertaining, for kids and adults alike.

If you really want to feel the butterflies in your stomach, then Talocan is definitely an amusement for you as well. After some very quiet walks in the beginning, one has to say that speed is coming up, and few people can say that it is not a wild amusement.

Prices at © Phantasialand

Children under the age of 4 and guests with a disability card, wheelchair users, deaf and blind guests are admitted free of charge.

Children aged 4-14 come in for € 35.

People aged 15-59 come in for € 46.50.

If you are pregnant and on maternity leave , you will be eligible for € 35.

Do you have a birthday you come in for free. To claim the offer, you must complete a form as at the counter at Phantasialand.

Accommodation at © Phantasialand

There are several opportunities to stay overnight at Phantasialand. Hotel Matamba is the cheapest of the two hotels. Like the theme park, the hotel has its own theme. The whole hotel is built and decorated as if it were an African village.

The hotel is family friendly and for a family of 4 there is ample opportunity to sleep well.

Get more out of your trip to Phantasialand

Hamburg (heading down to Phantasialand – 4 hours away)

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and Europe’s 8th largest city and definitely worth a visit. Hamburg is 4 hours ahead of Phantasialand and could easily be an ideal place to pass before you arrive at the theme park. In Hamburg you will find a large number of parking houses close to the city center at reasonable prices, so you can park your car and take a walk in inner Hamburg. At the very center of the city, for example, you have the opportunity for a canal tour that sails at least once an hour during the day. Also nearby are Hamburg Zoo.

McArthur Designer Outlet in Neumünster (heading down to Phantasialand – 4.5 hours away)

Just before Hamburg comes in close by Neumünster, where the McArthur Designer Outlet is waiting for you. You should definitely do the service myself, take a stroll past Neumünster, where you will find an entire city with only outlet – so very cheap clothes and even fashion clothes!

Many of us think that when someone uses the outlet in a sentence, it smells of an over-stuffed gym with dresses of too small or large sizes that the stores try to squeeze over our heads. You may well forget that thought, as it is not at all in the McArthur designer outlet in Neumünster.

In short, the McArthur designer outlet, an area full of about 125 stores selling their product, is up to 60-70% off. Among the brands include: Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Nike, Levis, Pillyvet, Le Creuset, Triumph and Michael Kors.

So whether you need something to do on a longer stay in the area around Phantasialand, or if you are just heading down through Germany for a single day, you should pass by Neumünster.

However, take a few hours off, because there are really many shops and there is something for everyone in the car. So the hours can quickly run away from you.

Directions to Phantasialand

It has gradually become so easy to find your way. Instead of reading the route here on the site, you can quickly get accurate directions to Phantasialand. Watch it here.


I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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