There was a focus on the tourists when tourism players met in Billund

Last week, Hotel LEGOLAND held a business meeting at the LEGOLAND Billund Resort, where a number of tourism players from the Region of Southern Denmark gathered to get to know each other better.


On Monday, March 25, representatives from around 150 accommodations met with a number of attractions, all part of the LEGOLAND Billund Resort collaboration. Here, representatives from the accommodations could hear more about the collaboration, but before that part went loose, they could explore the 14 attractions that had taken a taste of their attractions for Billund.

“We really make a point of getting the tourists to come to many different attractions when they visit the LEGOLAND Billund Resort. Therefore it is also really important that the accommodations are well dressed to tell about the different offerings the attractions have,” says Charlotte Steen Henriksen, project manager at LEGOLAND Billund Resort.

Sara Bjørnes Studsgård from the Trinity Hotel & Conference Center in Fredericia was one of the attendees at the business meeting, and she was glad to hear more about the different attractions.

“We had a good and educational day where we got dressed well for the summer. It was nice and exciting to see what the different attractions have to offer, so we can easily tell our guests about it,” says Sara Bjørnes Studsgård .

Unity over internal competition gives way

In addition to being dressed to be able to tell about the many good deals for the tourists, the business meeting also creates a unity to attract more rather than compete for the guests when they are here.

“We are really excited to be together to lift the entire resort instead of competing among themselves. If we do well and give guests a good experience when they visit our area, then there will be plenty for all of us,” explains Helge Stolberg Madsen, Owner of Egtved Camping, which is backed by the project manager.

“It is an important goal of the business meeting to strengthen the collaboration between the many players at LEGOLAND Billund Resort. Both accommodation partners and attractions must see the value in lifting in a bunch, and we very much feel that they do,” says Charlotte Steen Henriksen.


Advantage cards provide more nights

One of the methods LEGOLAND Billund Resort uses to distribute tourists is by using the Be Happy Pass benefit card. With that in hand, tourists can get unique experiences or special benefits from a wide range of area attractions, and it helps tourists to visit more area attractions, which ultimately provides more accommodation.

“We have surveys that show that tourists would have booked an extra night in the area if they had known about all the exciting attractions and our benefit cards. Therefore, it is also part of what we use actively in our joint marketing of the area. , “explains Charlotte Steen Henriksen.

For this year’s business meeting, an award was also given to this year’s Be Happy Pass. The winner this year became the GIVSKUD Zoo, where the children with a Be Happy Pass are allowed to help the animal passers prepare for feeding and feeding the animals. Second place went to Koldinghus, where a Be Happy Pass gives access to free royal fencing school, and third place got Whale Safari in the Little Belt, where children with a Be Happy Pass are allowed to board the ship with skipper.


  • The LEGOLAND Billund Resort association started in 2009.
  • It now consists of the attractions LEGOLAND, Lalandia, GIVSKUD Zoo, LEGO House, Billund Airport, 8 municipalities and 7 tour operators.
  • The board consists of mayors from the 8 municipalities as well as directors from the 4 major attractions and Billund Airport.
  • LEGOLAND Billund Resort wants to create the world’s best children’s holiday for foreign families with children between 2-12 years.
  • LEGOLAND Billund Resort has a Be Happy Pass benefit card, which is provided by approx. 200 accommodations in the destination.
  • LEGOLAND Billund Resort communicates nature, culture, history and attractions in the destination. Below are 21 attractions that offer guests a Be Happy Pass VIP experience, discounts and gifts for the children.
  • The aim of the Be Happy Pass is to ensure that guests book a longer stay and that they travel around the destination while on vacation.

Press release from LEGOLAND Billund


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