Therme Erding

At Munich you will find the world’s largest and best wellness park, Therme Erding. Here you can not overdo the luxury that prevails and make you feel like a prominent guest!

The park is over 14.5 hectares and contains a sea of ​​water slides which together make up 2.7 km of slides, as well as several pools under the 3 giant glass roofs. In the summer heat, the roofs can be folded down and you will find yourself bathing under the sizzling sun. Therme Erding water park has 30 themed saunas, over 300 wellness offers and 27 water slides, within 3 levels of difficulty.

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The whole family will constantly feel entertained and everyone will feel this as the world’s best beach vacation paradise.

Hiking lanes of special class

Therme Erding has the world’s first Virtual Reality water slide, where the VR glasses give you extra excitement as you hurry off on the Space Glider water slide. The combination of water, speed and digitization gets your senses going, so the entertainment value is top notch.

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If you are one of the ones who think the roller coasters are always too short, you should try Magic Eye, the world’s longest roller coaster of 365 meters. still crazy fun!

Therme Erding for big and small, water dogs and daredevils!

If you are a daredevil, however, you should try the X-Treme Level roller coaster, or the adrenaline-inducing Big Wave at an altitude of 17 meters. Whatever difficulty you are looking for, you can always find plenty of entertainment.

Therme Erding is a true holiday paradise

When you experience the turquoise glossy lagoon, they see hundreds of real palm trees, and feel the comfortable warmth that is in the Wavepool Wellenbad, so you know you are in the holiday paradise. With 30 themed saunas, you have a wide selection to ensure a unique experience every place, with essential oils, singing ceremonies and body scrubs. With thermal water in the hot tub, 34 degree lagoon, and an environment that only invites you for relaxation and relaxation, you can embark on a leisurely vacation where time is quiet.

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Let go of everyday stress and rush

When it comes to prioritizing wellness, Tropical Spa and VitalityOasis are the place. The latter is only for adults over the age of 16, and has exquisite rest and relaxation areas. Here it is possible to join Qigong, where tension and the energy wing are released and the body’s own self-healing powers are activated. Afterwards, you are called to serenity through thermal healing water, 2 textile saunas and the beautiful Bali Lounge.

© Therme Erding

With minerals from the Dead Sea, Selenium Iodine and Calcium, the foundations of peace and tranquility are laid, so you can relax in one of the many resting shells, sun loungers or wellness mattresses.


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