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Are you near Blåvand, and do you still have something to do for children, parents and the older generation? Then Tirpitz in Blåvand is definitely worth a visit.

I have to say that my boyfriend and I have been somewhat surprised at how cool and modern the museum really is.

Instead of standing and reading one board after another, with up to 300 words, you at Tirpitz get it all served in a small remote control with built-in speaker that you carry around with you on your trip.

It all makes it a little more fun when you can go around and scan the stories that you yourself want to hear.

The “remote control” is included in the entrance ticket and children up to 2 years of age can use it.

Everyone gets such a cousin as in the picture above, where you can both turn up and down as needed, and replay the latest story – we estimate the soundtracks to last between 2 and 60 seconds.

Breathtaking stories from Tirpitz

The story of Tirpitz and the people who, during World War II, somehow had a relationship with Tirpitz, are delivered in compelling ways. It is clear to note that the characters and actors are chosen with care, so that the story will undoubtedly captivate most guests at Tirpitz.

In addition to World War II stories, you should definitely visit the permanent exhibition “The Hidden West Coast,” where 20,000 years of West Coast history is retold through 12 intriguing and not least gripping stories.

Before you leave “The Hidden West Coast”, make sure you hang on until the room is transformed into a large movie set, where the entire exhibition changes as you are allowed to experience a time travel.


I have to admit that I haven’t spent many hours studying amber or thinking about where it came from. My grandmother’s stories have always been about the juice from the trees, but it never really caught me.

Yet here in Tirpitz they managed to capture my interest to such an extent that the day after our visit, I had to go to the beach to look for amber.

The exhibition is called “Amber – The Sea of ​​Gold”, and together with the others, is also a permanent exhibition.

Along with the audio-based guide, we are introduced to a series of tales about amber and how much amber has contributed to our understanding of the past.

3 hours fly away

For us, it means a lot to feel entertained when visiting a museum. We were in Tirpitz for 3 hours and at no time was it a challenge to keep up the courage during the tour.

There are many stories, too, and I am especially convinced that only in the extreme cases does a guest find nothing exciting, watching, listening and learning about.

If you need to rest your legs, there is integrated seating throughout Tirpitz, without creating unnecessary space for the rest of the guests. Fantastic.

5 big stars

Our trip to Tirpitz is one we will soon forget. We felt entertained from start to finish – and it was not only because it was a different way of telling stories – but because it was actually some good stories.

Our trip lasted 3.5 hours incl. Heath-gold (pom-fries) and an organic rhubarb soda water. The Pom Frites were really good – and then the price of the DKK 45 was affordable, as both of us were right. If you have more for a “real” lunch, we can clearly recommend their Emergency Flare , which is a butter-fried plaice fillet on homemade bread with juicy prawns, smoked Varde salmon and a homemade dressing.

We also saw several of the so-called Pulled Pork Burgers being served to the hungry guests – so it smelled good.


I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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