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Disclaimer: Access to Tivoli is sponsored by Tivoli. The attitudes and opinions about the park and the rides are in no way influenced by the free admission.

Tivoli is one of the most famous theme parks in Denmark – both known by the Danes and tourists. Tivoli is located in the center of Copenhagen right next to the Central Station and Strøget, so it is easy to get to and you have to make every effort not to see Tivoli if you come from Strøget or the Central Station.

If you are not on the walk to Tivoli but have the car with you, Tivoli offers three places where you can park your car at a discount.

The world’s second oldest theme park of its kind

Tivoli is the world’s second oldest theme park of its kind, where only the Dyrehavsbakken is older. Thus, Tivoli also has a lot of history with it and some of the rides have always been there. However, Tivoli innovates all the time, including get new rides in the park, which I will come in later, for their latest rides are definitely worth a visit.

Tivoli was founded all the way back in 1843, when the then location was not just opposite the Central Station, but outside Vesterport.

Most visited theme park in Denmark

Tivoli is Denmark’s most visited theme park. In 2016, the total number of visitors to Tivoli reached 4,638,000 people, but even though Tivoli has many visitors, the park always seems to be cleaned up and the staff and stalls exhale with fun, laughter and joy.

In addition to being an theme park, Tivoli is also known for its various decorations throughout the year. We were there in December and stop now, what a virtue that has been made of the decoration! – Even when standing outside the main entrance you get into the Christmas mood, as Tivoli is covered in snow, Christmas lights, Christmas balls and mistletoe is to find more places in the park and much more.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to meet Santa in his home, which you will find right at the main entrance. In addition to getting into the wildest Christmas mood by visiting Tivoli in December, they also decorate the park for winter, Easter, summer and Halloween. See the period for the various decorations on their website.

In addition, it is selff. Also a sea of ​​delicious food stalls, cafes, upscale restaurants and not to forget candy shops.

Sublime light show

If you haven’t tried to visit the park during the evening hours – a time of year when it gets dark – then you should definitely go in to see the sublime light show. It’s far from the same as visiting the dance floor at Crazy Daisy on a Saturday night. When we were there in December, there was a place that was truly unique. Go for the amusement demon and then move under where it runs in china country.

I want to shoot that it was about twice an hour, then the wildest light show started right under the demon and just above where everyone goes. Not only was the light show impressive, music was played in tandem with the light show and as soon as the show started you could see the joy in people’s eyes and you can’t help but rock a bit with the music and look up and smile and be glad.

So it is definitely worth the trip to take a stroll past the Demon – and then you can also just try the Demon in that connection where there is a guarantee of a suction in the stomach and they have also made it possible to take the trip with virtual reality headsets on, however, this costs DKK 30 besides the trip.

We were past the fun fair in the Christmas season – Cannon experience!

As mentioned earlier, Tivoli is wrapped in snow and div. Christmas adventures in December, almost like entering a new world a la Narnia. Here is everything it takes to get you in the right Christmas mood and it is admirable all the work that is far behind to make the park look like it does during the Christmas season. Most likely you will not be the only one who thinks it will be a good idea to go to Tivoli in December, at least we were not the only ones on the day we were there.

A small tip from here will be either to book your entrance tickets from home or to pass the park in the morning, where there is most likely not a long queue. Because when we came back to Tivoli when the darkness had fallen, there was a huge long queue – for those who had to buy the ticket well and the brand ..

The second queue was more manageable, so keep in mind if you are planning to visit Tivoli during the holidays and if you want to avoid too many people then a weekday will probably be best too. If nothing else, we had a fantastic day where, besides being refueled on the Christmas shopping account, also tried various. rides. Tivoli offers a sea of ​​different rides, so there is something for everyone, both at adult and child height.

Tivoli’s new theme – Tik Tak

In mid-2018, Tivoli opened for the use of their new theme, Tik Tak. Of course we were excited to see and try!

TIK TAK and no, it is not inspired by the good pastil tic tac, but a huge watch! To me, the clock goes round and round, but comes nowhere. This “clock” goes max half round (upside down) and then back again, all while walking around like you know it from the good old teacups.

Therefore it is not allowed to have the hair in a ponytail or loose if you have a long mane, but up with it in a tuber and away with the scarf, so they also add up to something of a ride from the beginning. Personally, I myself am a fan of wild rides and think this one hits the level pretty well as it has a bit of it all. Suck in the belly, laugh, appropriate length and you feel safe when you are tight. – so if you are looking for such an experience, hit the road TIK TAK.

Is it advisable to go to Tivoli at Christmas?

Despite the fact that there were a lot of people in Tivoli this Saturday at Christmas, it is definitely recommended to go in and see the beautiful decoration in the park.

If you have a great urge to try all the rides, I would highly recommend you move into the park as soon as Tivoli opens.

During the afternoon and evening, the cows grow 20-30 minutes long (which I don’t think is a HUGE problem), so if you want to get past the various rides, do it early in the day.

– However, considering how many people were in Tivoli that day, the queues for the rides were not in the caliber you could fear.

– But if you have small children, I would recommend having something with which they can sit where you can control them. Because, as I said, there are a lot of people, so it is important to have a good overview and be in control of each other. But Tivoli is undoubtedly a great experience and a clear recommendation from here.

Again: The ticket to Tivoli was sponsored by Tivoli. The opinions, opinions and pictures come entirely from the team behind Themeparkeurope.com


I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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