Tripsdrill – Theme Park and Animal Park in Germany

© Tripsdrill – how far down in Germany?

803 km from the Padborg border – approx. 8 hours drive

783 km from Puttgarden Ferry – approx. 8 hours drive

818 km from Warnemunde by the Rostock Ferry – approx. 7.5 hours drive

Take experience in Germany’s first theme park. Experience the historic German atmosphere, which offers a mix of amusements for both medium and small. In between the rides you find animals that can both be fed and in some cases clapped. © Tripsdrill is close to the southern German city of Stuttgart, and the southern German culture is characterized by the park’s exacting detail. In other words, © Tripsdril is an experience for both small and large game basses, as well as those who would like to enjoy and experience the southern German atmosphere of the park.

© Tripsdrill

© Tripsdrill theme park

Tripsdrill was built in 1929 where Eugene Fisher built a play windmill for children to play in. The mill is still well preserved, and even though it is no longer playable, together with the big trees it forms a beautiful center in the large park where is a place for a short rest while the children continue to tour.

Of course, traditional South German food is served, such as “curry wurst”, “wienerschnitzel” and the German “Brezel” salt pretzel. If German dishes are not your (or the children’s) food, you can also buy ordinary dishes, such as pizzas, burgers and salads at the restaurants located around the park. The restaurants are focused on the children and you can expect the staff to create a lively atmosphere. Prices are also not unreasonable.

When you buy a ticket to the © Tripsdril park, you also have free access to Tripsdril’s natural park, where you can experience brown bears, arctic wolves, wild horses, birds of prey and free-ranging deer – naturally under safe conditions for the whole family. Every day a bird of prey demonstration is shown where the whole family can experience how birds of prey hunt.

Roller coasters in © Tripsdrill

© Tripsdrill

Recommended are The Mammut, G’sengte Sau, Donnerbalken and Badewannen Fahrt. Super good rides that will undoubtedly be the highest on today’s list.

© Tripsdrill is a real family park, which can be seen in the sizes of the rides. Nevertheless, there is something for everyone. No matter how crazy you want your trips up in the clouds. Therefore, if you want to experience a real rush in your stomach and get the rounds out of the rides, then © Tripsdrill is not the place.

On the contrary, you have to go to © Tripsdrill if you want to experience a classic German theme park with a lot of other things to offer. The modern rides at full speed across the field have not found their way to © Tripsdrill – which we want to give as a gift.

Then you are looking for an theme park with tranquility over the field , where you can feel a fantastic atmosphere in idyllic setting, then you will love © Tripsdrill.

For small children

© Tripsdrill

There are countless activities for you kids. Release them in the playground seen above or take them into the beautiful zoo. Most of the rides can also be tried out with the children, as, as mentioned earlier, they are not the wildest on the scale.

For the adults

© Tripsdrill is and will be a family park. Would you like to go to an theme park where you can enjoy the rides with your children, then the place is absolutely perfect.

For those who love animals

© Tripsdrill

The wildlife in Tripsdrill is absolutely amazing. You can get very close to the animals and there is plenty to see for a whole day. The zoo is usually open from 9 am to 6 pm, but for good measure you should check if the time has changed.

The zoo is a bit separate from the theme park itself. Access can be purchased for the following:

  • Children under 4: Free
  • Children aged 4-11: € 7.50
  • Children and adults between 12-59 years: € 11
  • +60: € 7,50
  • Disabled people and people in wheelchairs get free entrance to the zoo. The companion comes in at a reduced adult price of € 7.50.

Prices at © Tripsdrill

Children under 4 years of age and children with a birthday who are between 4-11 years of age come in for free.

(if you have a birthday and get older than 12, you will be charged for small € 15.50)

Children aged 4-11  years come in for € 26.

Adults aged 12-59  years come in for € 31.

If you are  +60 you  come in for € 26.

Disabled people  receive a reduced price which can be seen on the theme park’s website. Blind people and wheelchair users with a disability card get free admission.

2-day tickets for © Tripsdrill

© Tripsdrill can easily keep you and your hose occupied for more than one day. Should this be the case, have the opportunity to buy you a 2-day ticket:

  • Children 4-11 years: € 36
  • Adults 12-59 years: € 41
  • Senior + 60 years and disabled: € 36

 Parking at © Tripsdrill

theme park guests can park freely all day long, which costs around € 4-7 at the other German theme parks.

Accommodation at © Tripsdrill

wooden houses

© Tripsdrill

You have the opportunity to stay overnight in one of © Tripsdrill’s fantastic wooden houses that can accommodate 2-4 people. If you have several, there are also some 5-6 persons wooden houses.

The tree houses must be booked online on their website.

Shepherd’s wagons

© Tripsdrill

Would you like to sleep in one of the fine Sheperd’s carts? There is room for 5 guests in each carriage – with 1 double bed and 2 bunk beds.

Get more out of your trip to Tripsdrill

Hamburg (on the way to Tripsdrill – 6 hours away)

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and Europe’s 8th largest city and definitely worth a visit. Hamburg is 4 hours ahead of Phantasialand and could easily be an ideal place to pass before you arrive at the theme park. In Hamburg you will find a large number of parking houses close to the city center at reasonable prices, so you can park your car and take a walk in inner Hamburg. At the very center of the city, for example, you have the opportunity for a canal tour that sails at least once an hour during the day. Also nearby are Hamburg Zoo.

McArthur Designer Outlet in Neumünster (on the way to Tripsdrill – 6.5 hours away)

Just before Hamburg comes in close by Neumünster, where the McArthur Designer Outlet is waiting for you. You should definitely do the service myself, take a stroll past Neumünster, where you will find an entire city with only outlet – so very cheap clothes and even fashion clothes!

Many of us think that when someone uses the outlet in a sentence, it smells of an over-stuffed gym with dresses of too small or large sizes that the stores try to squeeze over our heads. You may well forget that thought, as it is not at all in the McArthur designer outlet in Neumünster.

In short, the McArthur designer outlet, an area full of about 125 stores selling their product, is up to 60-70% off. Among the brands include: Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Nike, Levis, Pillyvet, Le Creuset, Triumph and Michael Kors.

So whether you need something to do on a longer stay in the area around Phantasialand, or if you are just heading down through Germany for a single day, you should pass by Neumünster.

However, take a few hours off, because there are really many shops and there is something for everyone in the car. So the hours can quickly run away from you.

Directions to Tripsdrill

It has gradually become so easy to find your way. Instead of reading the route on this page, you can quickly get an accurate directions to Tripsdrill.


I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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