Tropical Island In Germany – Fantastic Waterpark

Tropical Island is Europe’s largest water park and is rated around Germany’s best water park around the review sites. We would like to give them that right.

Tropical Island is a huge water park inside an old hangar, located approx. 60 km south of Berlin.

Visiting Tropical Island, you get much more than just a couple of swimming pools and some sand between your toes. The whole area is in its entirety an amazing experience where it all sums up life and happy days. The tropical bathing area itself is 360 meters long, 210 meters wide and 107 meters high.

The many pools around Tropical Island are a maximum of 1.35 meters, making it possible to bottom for most adults and children.

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It is wonderfully warm in Tropical Island

The air temperature is 25 ° C and the humidity is 40-60%, providing the perfect conditions for a wide variety of plants that would normally only be able to live around the more tropical places of the world.

If you become lightly cold, you can also feel happy that there is heat in the substrate, so that you never get cold feet inside the hangar.

The water temperature is 28 ° C and the lagoon is 32 ° C. The water is filtered using the latest filter technology, so don’t be so nervous that the water is filled with all sorts of germs that you might be sick of.

Funfact: The pools contain up to 7,000 m3 of water.

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Activities in Tropicial Island

© Tropical Island

What activities are there in Tropical Island? In addition to the water pools and the beach, there are a number of activities that the whole family can enjoy together.

  • Jungle Splash: In good Jutland it is, after all, a water playground. is a 15 meter high tower with eight water slides, giant water guns for free use and a challenging climbing net . Can be used by both children and adults.
  • Hot air balloon (2high hot air balloon): Enjoy the view from a height of 55 meters in a hot air balloon.
  • A trip in the ‘Balloon’ (Island Ballooning): This balloon takes children and adults up 22 meters, so it is really possible to enjoy the tropical area with trees and tropical islands.
  • Sauna: There is a great selection of saunas in all shades, where the huge difference between them is the very ambiance the room gives.
  • Mini Golf: 18 holes to find out which of you should be your very own Tropical Island Mini Golf Champion.
  • Wayang (scene): Experience an exotic and artistic performance where a number of international state-of-the-art artists combine dance with song.
  • Tropical Buildings: Around Tropical Island you will find tropical buildings, which in many ways resemble the buildings one would experience in the tropical areas.
  • Shopping Boulevard: If you forgot bathing suits or the bikini, you can find it in the integrated shopping area. This is also where you will find souvenirs and bath toys.

The stand area of ​​Tropical Island

© Tropical Island

The Tropical Island beach area is called the Tropical Sea, and consists of no less than 200 meters long beach which gives you a near-identical feeling that you are in a real stand surrounded by palm trees.

The transparent ceiling panels also allow the sun to shine in, so just because you are in Europe’s largest water park, you still need to make sure you lubricate yourself and the children into the sunscreen.

The sand on the beach is well suited for children to build sand castles, which simply confirms that Tropical Island does everything to attract families with children.

Scuba diving and mermaids

© Tropical Island

Some of the things that also make Tropical Island stand out from the crowd are the various activities you can sign up for. Below I have listed some of the different water activities:

Mermaid Swimming: You probably haven’t tried this before. Children and adults alike can be allowed to have a mermaid tail on their feet so they can try to swim like a mermaid.

For me, this was a super cool experience with the kids.

The price was € 5 per day. person and there can be a maximum of 10 participants.

Scuba diving: In this course, children of 10+ get an introduction to diving, where they learn, among other things:

  • How the theory should be transferred to practice
  • Diver
  • Putting equipment in the diving equipment
  • Separate the equipment

Last time I looked, it cost € 30 for children 10-14 years – and there can be a maximum of 8 participants.

Ride a watercraft: Children of 8+ can be allowed to ride a watercraft for approx. 20 minutes.

The price is not at all crazy: € 5 per night. person . Maximum number of participants is 4 people.

Take the Seahorse Certificate: For the smaller children of 4+, they can spend an hour of time getting introduced to the Seahorse Certificate and taking the test. If they pass, they will of course receive the official seahorse certificate.

Price incl. certificate and swim mark: € 5.

Accommodation in Tropical Island

It is possible to be in the water park 24 hours a day, but if you need some rest, there are plenty of opportunities around Tropical Island.

However, it must be said that there is a lot of space as Tropical Island is a popular place, so if you are not out early, you may need to rent a hotel nearby.

If all the rooms are booked, you can find recommended hotels here:

There are close to 900 beds around Tropical Island. They are divided into:

  • Rooms
  • Cabins
  • Tents

Below I will briefly review the usual information about the rooms, cabins and tents.

The rooms

There are 5 different type of rooms; junior, comfort, designer, premium and suites.

Junior: The junior suites are located deep in the tropical rainforest overlooking the beautiful lagoon. In the junior suites you will find one a double bed, air conditioning, TV, a cozy balcony, a bathroom with bath and toilet and hairdryer.

Comfort: Comfort rooms can accommodate two to four people and consist of a twin bed as well as a ‘Queen Size Bed’ which is slightly larger than the other bed. In addition, the room also has a TV, a hairdryer, a view to the edge of the hangar, and a ‘rain shower’ .

Premium: Should it be a bit romantic, one of the premium rooms is probably the right choice. The Premium Suites are close to virtually all activities such as the Lagoon, Shopping Boulevard, etc. The premium air-conditioned rooms feature a TV, kettle, hairdryer and private bathroom. The premium rooms are for 2-4 people, so you are a family of children with 2 adults and 2 children, can rent you here and get a double bed and a bunk bed in their own room.

Designer: If you want to spend the night in a slightly different room, you have to choose a designer room. The rooms are the most modern type of rooms in Tropical Island in terms of design. Otherwise, the designer rooms are the same as the others; TV, rain shower, bathroom, air conditioning, a small safe and mini fridge. Available to two people and families of four.

© Tropical Island

Suite: The delicious suites are for those of you who want a cannon view of the entire Tropical Island. The suites are completed and offer a really good comfort at all levels. Double bed, air conditioning, living room with a sofa, 2x TV, cosmetic mirror, hair dryer and of course a bathroom with a rainforest. You also get your own sun loungers up on the roof terrace.

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The cottages

There are two types of cabins in Tropical Island.

  • Adventure Lodges
  • Premium Lodges

Adventure Lodges are designed for two people, where they get a double bed that matches the cabin’s theme. It is worth noting that where the Adventure cabins got its name is due to the absence of toilet and bath.

Premium Lodges are furnished as a normal cabin with a touch of Africa. Here is both a super nice bathroom with a nice shower.

© Tropical Island
© Tropical Island

The tents

If you love to sleep in a tent, you also have the option of renting a tent. You save around € 50 on renting a tent versus a cabin or a room.

There are two tent areas in Tropical Island, both located close to toilet and bath facilities.

It is possible to sleep from two to four people in the  Canvas tents , as I know, do not have power supplies with them (therefore, be sure to charge your mobile and other devices at the charging stations around Tropical Island).

The premium tents are larger tents, where a large double bed, electricity and electricity are waiting.

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Why do we write this review on Tropical Island?

We love theme parks, and when we set out to launch theme parks back in 2016, it was our eagerness to share our experiences that paved the way. Tropical Island is a fantastic water park where there is room for just about everyone.

That’s why writing a review on Tropical Island was also very obvious – if you’re sitting right now thinking about leaving for Tropical Island, you’ve probably already seen a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews. You must also remember that it does not take anywhere in the world to get to Tropical Island, and if you have chosen to stay in one of the rooms anyway, the drive is extra easy to get through.

Thank you for reading our review of Tropical Island

Last but not least, we want to say thank you for your time – hopefully you liked our guide and review of Tropical Island. If you have visited Tropical Island yourself, we would love to hear about it in the comments section. If you are still considering, you must finally share your thoughts before the visit.

Thanks in advance 🙂


I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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