Weissenhauser Strand in Germany

Whether you spend your holidays in apartments, bungalows or penthouse apartments, you can be sure of a holiday with success!

Weissenhauser Strand is the pearl of the Baltic when it comes to fun and versatile activities for the whole family. Here is room for the whole family, so pack your suitcase and enjoy a wonderful holiday with fresh sea air and many hours of enjoyable entertainment.

Scenic bathing beach at Weissenhauser

Enjoy the view at the 3 km. long sandy beach, or jump in the waves and enjoy the 300 m. beach. With a short distance to all the holiday homes, you live surrounded by dunes and a unique natural landscape. There are a multitude of activities on the beach and you can enjoy the tranquility or challenge the family with water skiing.


Weissenhauser is a true bathing paradise

With one of Europe’s largest subtropical water parks, you will experience a true bathing paradise at Weissenhaüser Strand. Here you will find amazing water experiences of 7500 m2. and a great selection of pools and roller coasters for all ages. There are always 31 degrees in the water park, whether you are in the large water tower which invites you to the big water jumper or in the 214 meter long Aqua Racer roller coaster on large bathing areas.

Fun water experiences for everyone!

© Weissenhauser Strand

In addition, you can find a 75 m. Turbo water slide, wave slide, Wild Water canal, 3-track roller coaster, 156 m. “Adventure” roller coaster, or a 410 m² wave pool. If, on the other hand, you lack peace and relaxation, you can lie in the Jacuzzi, in the Sauna Landscape, on the sun-roof terrace or in the “Relax” areas.

WaWaCo water ski and wakeboard

Try WaWaCo which is Weissenhäuser Strand’s water ski and wakeboard system. WaWaCo takes place from April to October, and is one of Weissenhäuser’s major attractions. The course is 600 meters with chain link and offers many challenges at different levels. It is possible to do tricks, test obstacles or take the small lift that is established for beginners.

Wild activity – but at your pace!

As a beginner, you will be dressed up with practical tips, and in the high season you can register for a beginner’s course. In Warm-up times, beginners are also offered a more relaxed introduction to the water skiing and wakeboarding sport via low speed cable pulling. In addition, lightning launch courses are offered for the first real start-up attempts, which are also suitable for the smallest guests. From here, practice makes mastery, and maybe you discover a natural talent in you!

If you prefer to relax more, there is the opportunity to have good entertainment by looking from the sun terrace. In this area you can also find bistro, volleyball, trampolines, bouncy castle and the mini-zoo. This way, the whole family can share in the experience.

Visit Weissenhauser Strand’s exotic jungle land

Meet alligators, snakes, lizards, varans, scorpions, insects, turtles and frogs when you visit Weissenhauer’s jungle, also called Dschungelland. Here you can go on adventures in the 6000 m². large jungle, and explore the rock caves on your own.

The world’s largest indoor jungle trail

© Weissenhauser Strand
© Weissenhauser Strand

See it all from above as you climb to the top in one of the 16 different trails in Dschungelland. Whether you are a beginner, experienced or daredevil, there are challenges that can cause sweat on your forehead. If you just want to move up and not around, there is also a traditional climbing wall with which you can try your hand. For the smaller ones there is a huge ball ocean and popular trampolines.

Relaxation and well-being

Find tranquility and renewed energy in Dünenbad, which is directly adjacent to Weissenhäuser Strand’s 4 star beach hotel. In 32 degree heat, you can relax and swim in various pools to ensure a feeling of well-being. Experience a sauna, steam room, solarium, massage or one of the many wellness and beauty treatments offered in Dünenbad.

The fitness center has a large selection of modern fitness equipment and the specially trained trainers and health instructors are ready to give you professional advice.

Romantic night on the beach

Enjoy the romance as the sun goes down and sleep under the bright stars. With sleeping beach chairs it is possible to spend the night on the beach in weatherproof cover. The award-winning sleeping chairs are 1.30 x 2.40 meters and therefore give you plenty of room and good comfort. With the sea shower and nature’s beautiful landscape, you can enjoy the surroundings and let the romance begin.

Children’s club, fun and games

Kidz Club is packed with exciting children’s activities, aimed at children over the age of 4. Here the program is filled with archery, mushroom hunting, football golf, cinema and children’s disco, and who knows, maybe the mops Hops and Hasi will pass by.

In addition, it is possible to challenge the family with eg. mini golf, tennis, table tennis and streetball. If you want to have more good experiences with home, there are birds of prey show and owl walks on the Falkonérgården, as well as the opportunity to see museums, castles, manor houses, galleries, concerts and theatrical performances in the area.



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