10 Best Waterparks in Germany

Water parks in Germany have become a huge hit with many families with children and friends. You are guaranteed fun for the whole family when you go to one of the waterfront in Germany. Still, it is different than taking a dip in a lake or a walk on the beach. All in all, it is super fun to be in a water park – for adults and children alike.

In recent years, new water parks have begun to blossom around Germany. In most water parks, there is a combination of indoor and outdoor pools – it’s something of an experience for little ones.

Sit back and be tempted by the 10 best water parks in Germany.

1. Tropical Islands – Germany’s best water parks

© Tropical Island

Tropical Island has been voted by many as Germany’s best water park. Tropical Island is located 60 km south of Berlin, and the first thing you encounter is a huge hangar (the fun fact is that it was previously used to make airships).

Tropical Island should not only be seen as a water park, with swimming pools, water slides and some armchairs. Tropical Island is super beautifully decorated with entire beaches, beach volleyball and areas perfect for children. You will also find delicious lagoons with stream channels and jacuzzis.

It is possible to swim in the water park 24 hours a day – when the darkness falls, the bathing areas are illuminated with delicious colors, which has its unique charm.

Staying at Tropical Island:  If you are late, it may be difficult to rent a room at Tropical Island.

Read my full review here.


2. Therme Erding – Europe’s largest water park

© Galaxy Erding

Europe’s largest water slide and the country’s largest spa, Therme Erding, consists of nothing less than 145,000sqm of water park. Every year, more than one and a half million people visit the water park – so of course this places some demands on the size of the area.

Europe’s largest water park offers you a wide range of water slides – for example, the 16 high-tech water slides that are slightly out of the ordinary. One of the great highlights is the Magic Eye, where the trip starts at a height of 22 meters and measures the entire 360 ​​meters in a closed slide with lighting. Some people think the Magic Eye is the longest roller coaster in the world?

Therme Erding is not only a closed water park. In the summer, you have the opportunity to spend your time in the large and lush garden, in the outdoor swimming pool and pool bars as well as beach volleyball, table tennis and smaller children’s playgrounds.

You also have the opportunity to spend your day in VitalOase, where you can. can relax in the waters with thermal healing waters, saunas and a fantastic Bali Lounge. In addition, you have the opportunity to relax in the three unique vital sources:

  • The Red Sea
  • Selenium Iodine-
  • calcium

(VitalOase is only for people over the age of 16.)


3. Badeparadies Schwarzwald, Titisee-Neustadt

© Badeparadies Schwarzwald

Located in Titisee-Neustadt,Badeparadies Schwarzwald is an indoor water park with 18 water slides and large wave pools. The wave pools are made for you who would like to experience some waves, as if you had been on a beach trip.

Attractions in Badeparadies Schwarzwald vary widely. You both have the opportunity to swim quite ordinary, play in the wave pool or, so there is something for every person, whether you want to swim, ride several men together in the 4 track roller coaster, so

The exciting water park has 18 water slides and a massive wave pool to simulate all the fun of the beach. The attractions vary greatly, so there is something for both children and adults of all ages.


4. Europe Park

© Europa-Park

Europa-Park is one of the most popular theme parks in the world. Europa Park has more than 100 different attractions and rides. In 2017, Europa-Park was voted Europe’s most popular theme park by TripAdvisor users.

The reason why Europa-Park is not ranked # 1 or 2 on the list here is that the water park is not indoors. Therefore, Europa-Park is ideal for those who want to leave during the summer season.

The big question is always whether the theme park is suitable for families with small children. We can safely say that it is it! There are simply so many small and medium-sized rides that virtually all children can make out with – just according to an adult.

When it’s summer you can enjoy the family and their water rides; Atlantica SuperSplash, Poseidon Water Coaster and Tirol Log Flume Ride.

Staying at Europa-Park: If you are late, it may be difficult to rent a room at Europa-Park.

My best bet is that you look here:


5. Hansedom, Stralsund

© Hansedom

HanseDom is the large indoor water park, located in Stralsund and is combined with the Radisson Blu Stralsund hotel. Hansedom consists of 123,000 square meters and consists of everything you can think of in sports, spa and entertainment for children and adults. The highlights are the three large water slides and the large wave pool, where the waves are turned up several times an hour.

HanseDom is decorated with palm trees and subtropical plants. In addition to the large swimming area with water slides, you can also spend your day in the sports area where you can play squash, tennis, badminton or spend time on the climbing wall, in the gym or in the beauty salon.

The sauna area consists of no less than 2,000 square meters of oriental wellness center with 10 different sauna and spa baths, massages, aroma treatments, body wraps with healing mud or chalk.


6. Aqualand Cologne

© Aqualand

Aqualand Cologne is located in Cologne and certainly also a water park worth visiting. One of the very large water slides is the 150 meter long Aquaconda.

You have the opportunity to bring your own food and drinks and otherwise you can spend the day enjoying the beautiful surroundings in the more than 18,000 square meters. There is also ample opportunity for the sauna enthusiast to try slightly different saunas, as Aqualand has more than 10 saunas in different themes.


7. Ostsee Therme Scharbeutz

© Ostsee Therme Scharbeutz


Ostsee Therme Scharbeutz as you can see in the picture is a colorful spa and resort on the Baltic coast. The water park is well suited for children and adults of all ages. The water park is 18,000 square feet and contains thermal saltwater pools, tropical landscapes and over 300 meters of roller coasters.

Ostsee Therme Scharbeutz also has an area for babies where the temperature is kept at 34 degrees.

If you want to go for a swim on the beach, this is also possible, as it is just a stone’s throw from the water park.

In addition to slides and the many swimming pools, there are also relaxing oases, sports areas, a solarium and the opportunity to have a relaxing massage.

If you don’t want to go down so far in Germany – take a look at Ostsee Damp Resort.


8. AquaMagis

© AquaMagis

In AquaMagis you can find almost everything water dogs of all ages could imagine. AquaMagis a very colorful water park with slides and the possibility of surfing artificial waves.

The water park is decorated in various water themes with both pirate ships and a children’s adventure pool. The water park also has a number of saunas and steam baths for free use.

9. Ocean Wave

© OceanWave

An impressive 101-meter slide is beautifully styled like a lighthouse that attracts both children and adults. Portholes on the ascent reveal the park’s design before breaking down among the waves. Soothe any sore muscles in the tropical area with saunas and steam rooms.


10. Sport and Bath Center Fildorado

© Sport- und Badezentrum Fildorado

Sport- und Badezentrum Fildorado is located close to Stuttgart and consists of wave pools, an artificial river, indoor and outdoor pools and the décor is made in different themes.

Thanks to Sport- und Badezentrum Fildorado if you would like to relax in aroma and meditation facilities with everything from panoramic views to the fireplace sauna.

Worth noting is that the German sauna association has given Sport- und Badezentrum Fildorado a total of 5 stars for their sauna area.

Water parks in Germany are super popular

Not surprisingly, water parks and water parks in Germany have become so popular. When we browse the Internet, it is clear from various articles that parents are extremely happy with the trip to one of the cool water parks.

Last, it was a mother who had been a mother for 9 years. She had some challenges in finding good vacation areas where she could really be with her children without having to compromise on her own needs.

She wrote: “I went to a water park for the first time last week – at least it was my first time as a mother. I’m not quite sure how that might be possible, but that’s true. I had more fun than I’ve had in a long time, much more than I expected, just the fact that I was getting close to my kids and playing with them was absolutely amazing.

Water parks force you (and your children) to unplug. I’ve only had an iPhone for half a year, but I admit it stays close all the time. We spent just over two hours at Coconut Cove Water Park (my smallest was hungry for lunch), and I honestly loved leaving my phone in the car and being free from email, Facebook and various other apps, including games my kids play. It was a great way to connect with my kids in the water by leaving the electronics behind.

Badlands are not only found in Germany

There are water parks in pretty much everywhere. You don’t have to go to a big, far away water park, like Adventure Island (Tampa, FL) or Water Country USA (Williamsburg, VA) to have a crazy, wet experience with your kids. At Coconut Cove, which was local to my in-laws in Boca Raton, FL, there was only one lazy river, two large water slides and a large waterway area with fountains and tunnels and we could have had fun all day.

times to go to your local park for the best experience. We went to Coconut Cover Water Park on a Friday when several day camps were there, but to be honest it was still quite entertaining.

Which water park or water park in Germany is your favorite?

Are you a big fan of water parks? I’d love to hear if you have any more tips and tricks for having fun and keeping you cool as a family at water parks.

Personally, I prefer to invite the family there, where it is a water park hotel – or at least a place to spend the night. This is not the case here, whether it is in Northern Germany, Southern Germany or right in the middle.

However, I have earned a love for Tropical Island as well as a whole new place for me that I have not mentioned in this top 10; Ostsee Damp Resort.


I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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  1. I live in The USA, I’m born Burlington, Iowa with a very small indoors waterpark and slightly larger outdoors waterpark.

    Adventureland in Des Moines, IA is mostly a theme park and 1/3 rds of that place is a Outdoors Waterpark !

    The Very Best Waterpark in IOWA is
    The Lost Island !

    It’s time I venture outside of IOWA and visit other Waterpark OUTSIDE of IOWA, but I have enjoyed going to Kinnock Stadium in Iowa City and watching The Iowa Hawkeyes kick-ass !

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