Top 5 – Best Theme Parks in Germany

A ride in an theme park is no longer just a walk down the radio cars with candyfloss sticky fingers. When we visit an theme park, we want to have a really good experience – be it the rides, the food, the atmosphere or the surroundings.

In Germany you will find many amusements that differ from one another on several parameters. In Germany you will find both the small theme parks for the small children families, the huge theme parks and individual parks where high speed and noise are the main priority. But which of the many is the best amusement park in Germany?

We have looked at some of the very best German theme parks, which do not just have candy trucks with candy floss and a few slides. These are amusement parks that offer all the framework for a real experience for you and the family.

5. © Tripsdrill i Cleebronn, Tyskland

© Tripsdrill

All in all, Tripsdrill is a really nice, large and spacious theme park. The attractions are spaced apart so you have plenty of opportunity to walk and chat and view the nice and beautiful areas. © Tripsdrill caters to both young and older children, and it is clear (in the good way) that the park is built around the big trees. In terms of food, you can get something for every taste and the prices are definitely not on the expensive end. The reason why © Tripsdrill only gets a 5th place here on the list is that the other parks offer more rides than © Tripsdrill. However, © Tripsdrill wins a lot of hearts with their zoo. The approximately 100 rides and attractions include museums, animal feeding, playgrounds, theaters and rides. Historically, © Tripsdrill is the oldest theme park in Germany (1929).

4. © HANSA-PARK i Sierksdorf, Tyskland

best theme parks in Germany - HANSA-PARK

The family park by the sea, © HANSA-PARK, is one of Germany’s friendliest theme parks. © HANSA-PARK is located in Sierksdorf, Northern Germany and has more than 120 attractions and rides. The rides appeal to children of all ages, so the family consists of both toddlers and teens, so there will be something exciting to see and try for each of them. © HANSA-PARK has more than 1 million visitors a year, making the theme park one of Germany’s most visited theme parks.

© HANSA-PARK is the only theme park in Germany located on the coast. The park is decorated year-round and several of the rides have been recognized in the form of various prizes. The wildest amusement we can all agree on is Fluch von Novgorod, who with his record-breaking 0-100 acceleration achieved in 1.4 seconds, is Germany’s fastest accelerating amusement. Fluch von Novgorod also manages to ride more than steeply at 97 degrees, which also makes it the steepest roller coaster in the world.

In 2015, © HANSA-PARK launched the theme park The Oath of KÄRNAN, which became a resounding success for © HANSA-PARK. The Oath of KÄRNAN is a roller coaster that at its highest measuring 79 meters, followed by a 67 meter high drop where the roller coaster reaches 127 km / h. The track is 1,235 meters long and as if that is enough – The Oath of KÄRNAN also has a 60 meter backward drop, which is something unique to find in theme parks.

The fireplace is thus used for a trip with speed across the field in beautiful surroundings on the coast of Germany.

3. © Heide Park Resort in Soltau, Germany

best theme parks in germany - Heide Park
© Heide Park

© Heide Park has placed 3rd on the list as its average speed seen on the major roller coasters average speed calculated from top speed is 106 km / h. © Heide Park is Northern Germany’s largest theme park and is located only 60 kilometers south of Hamburg close to the A7 motorway. © Heide Park has more than 60 rides and attractions that will enrich your day with both fun and a lot of speed. The oldest roller coaster is located here in Denmark in Tivoli, but at © Heide Park they have the world’s largest and steepest wooden roller coaster, Collossos. Collossos has been mentioned time and time again as the main attraction at © Heide Park, but the fast Desert Race which runs from 0-100 km / h in 2.4 seconds and Krake are also super fun rides. If you are looking for speed and beautiful surroundings, but a lot of food stalls, then © Heide Park is definitely worth a visit.

2. © Phantasialand in Bruhl, Germany

best theme parks in Germany
© Phantasialand

© Phantasialand is Germany’s 2nd most visited theme park with more than 2 million visitors during the year. © Phantasialand also offers a special winter program during the winter season. The interesting thing about © Phantasialand is that its location is in an old mine where it is easy to reach by car. Like several of the parks listed here, the theme park is divided into different themes, such as Berlin in 1920, Chinatown and Africa. If you are a fan of how Tivoli makes a virtue of the holidays, © Phantasialand in Bruhl will surely impress you in the same way. If you are therefore looking for an theme park that not only has fantastic roller coasters in the high seat but also the decoration of the park, then © Phantasialand is definitely worth a look.

1. © Europa-Park in Rust, Germany

best theme parks in Germany - europa-park
© Europa-Park

© Europa-Park in Germany was self-signed to be on the list. © Europa-Park is the largest theme park in Germany with more than 100 attractions and rides, and is also one of the most popular. A good time has been set up in the park, where the atmosphere, among other things. embellished among 15 different European themed areas with unique architectures, food and plant species. Highlights include the giant wooden roller coaster Wodan Timbur Coaster, the water slide roller coaster Poseidon.

© Europa-Park also has one of Europe’s highest slides with 73 meters. If you want to take your family or friends on a journey through Europe in one day, then © Europa-Park is definitely worth recommending.

© Europa-Park is located in the town of Rust in the Black Forest.

Bonus. © Legoland i Günzburg, Tyskland

Everyone knows we have a fantastic Legoland lying in Billund – are your kids crazy with © LEGO and has it been a long time since you have been to © Legoland in Billund? Then it might be worth a try to take them to © Legoland in German. The difference between the one in Günzburg is said to be that the surroundings around the rides are a bit different. You will also experience other entertainment than those you find in Billund. Some of the rides are simply so popular that they are naturally in both parks.

Which theme park is best?

On our list you can see that we have chosen © Europa-Park. There will certainly be families out there who have found other theme parks at least as amazing as © Europa-Park. When choosing which theme park to visit, it is always about how far you are willing to drive and whether or not you are interested in spending the night at a nearby hotel. If you are traveling through Germany, it is very obvious to shake your legs in one of the country’s sovereign theme parks.

Have you decided? Here’s a little more to consider

Now we have talked a lot about theme parks, and what kinds are suitable for a nice family trip, and which caters to the slightly more speedy. But as you have already found out, the theme parks are not a few kilometers on the southern side of the Danish / German border.

So here’s a list of other attractions and cities that are also worth a visit.

Hamburg – fantastic city!

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and Europe’s 8th largest city and definitely worth a visit. Hamburg is 4 hours ahead of Phantasialand and could easily be an ideal place to pass before you arrive at the theme park. In Hamburg you will find a large number of parking houses close to the city center at reasonable prices, so you can park your car and take a walk in inner Hamburg. At the very center of the city, for example, you have the opportunity for a canal tour that sails at least once an hour during the day. Also nearby are Hamburg Zoo.

McArthur Designer Outlet in Neumünster – cheap, cheap, cheap clothes

Just before Hamburg comes in close by Neumünster, where the McArthur Designer Outlet is waiting for you. You should definitely do the service myself, take a stroll past Neumünster, where you will find an entire city with only outlet – so very cheap clothes and even fashion clothes!

Many of us think that when someone uses the outlet in a sentence, it smells of an over-stuffed gym with dresses of too small or large sizes that the stores try to squeeze over our heads. You may well forget that thought, as it is not at all in the McArthur designer outlet in Neumünster.

In short, the McArthur designer outlet, an area full of about 125 stores selling their product, is up to 60-70% off. Among the brands include: Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Nike, Levis, Pillyvet, Le Creuset, Triumph and Michael Kors.

So whether you need something to do on a longer stay in the area around Phantasialand, or if you are just heading down through Germany for a single day, you should pass by Neumünster.

However, take a few hours off, because there are really many shops and there is something for everyone in the car. So the hours can quickly run away from you.


I love theme parks, which is why I spend my time writing about them here on my blog. If you have any comments or requests for corrections, please leave a comment below.

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